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Prophecy of the Most Beautiful (Oracle of Delphi, #1)

Prophecy of the Most Beautiful (Oracle of Delphi, #1) - Diantha Jones I received an e-copy of Prophecy of the Most Beautiful through the author Diantha Jones for review. (I love getting review requests of awesome sound books!) I decided to read it because:
1. It's based on Greek myth. ~ I simply cannot resist that!
2. From reading the synopsis there seemed to be lots of action in it. ~ I love that.
3. There's a mysterious demigod Prince in it. ~ I was already swooning.

I wasn't instantly hooked by Prophecy of the Most Beautiful. The beginning seemed a little slow to me and it was as if something was missing. I didn't like the heroine, Chloe, right away and was a little irritated by some of her actions. Although that changed as I read more of the book and got deeper into the world of the gods and demigods. The thing that did hook me were the demigods and everything mythical involving them. I loved how the god Apollo (or L.A.) was a big part of it in the beginning. (Personally I'm really interested in greek myths and definitely Apollo.) But the one guy I loved was our hero Strafford Law. How can you not fall for him? He's a demigod Prince, he will do everything to protect the girl he loves and he's Irish! *SWOON* Some of the chapters were in his POV and I have to add that those were my favorites. I just love reading in a guy's point of view for some reason. I also really liked his brother Ace and I was very fond of Swindle and "the Dropper with his twinkling eyes.

Like I said before, I really loved all the Greek myth. It definitely fed the little history geek inside me. The story revolved around them all having to figure out this prophecy of the most beautiful and I had a fun time myself trying to work it out. I never did figure it out on my own though. There were a lot of surprises that I didn't see coming and still yet so much to find out. Even though the beginning was slow for me, when I reached the half of the book I found myself getting hooked and at times I had a hard time stopping to reading. The plot was amazingly written, so that was also part why I couldn't stop.

The only negative aspects were only in the beginning. A little slow start. Chloe didn't speak to me as well but she got really brave and kinda bad ass too more into the story. The romance was perfect in my eyes. It wasn't like bam insta-love even thoug Chloe liked him right away nor was it too slow. At first I wasn't sure if Strafford was going to be a love interest but when Chloe had to travel with him (and some others) it was clear he was in it to stay, which made me really happy. Need my irish guys! Speaking off, Strafford and Ace, since they're both Irish, spoke with some Irish slang. Loved it!

I would recommend Prohecy of the Most Beautiful to anyone who likes to read books based on (Greek) myths. If you're looking for a different book with lots of acting, surprising turns and some romance this is the book you have to read! You'll love it! Even if you also think the beginning is sort of slow, don't give up on it. Some nice surprises are coming your way. I definitely can not wait until the sequel!