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Dust (Of Dust and Darkness, #1)

Dust (Of Dust and Darkness, #1) - Devon Ashley I got this book for review from the author, Devon Ashley. I've seen this book around before and I've always thought it sounded amazing. The cover is just gorgeous and so magical looking. I also love the catchphrase on the left up corner; With broken wings we fly. It fits perfectly with this fantastic story. The first part of the synopsis is very alluring to me because of the numbers. It just totally catches the attention of the reader in my opinion. The other half of the synopsis suck the reader also right in. Pixies enslaved by faeries? Sounds fascinating, right? Well, it didn't only sound that way, it was also pretty darn good!

Dust is a very original fae story that sets around a sixteen-year-old pixie girl named Rosalie. She lives in her Hollow with other pixies. She loves is there and yet she seems to be kind of an outsider. Even so, she would never have dreamed about leaving her home. One thing she hadn't count on was getting kidnapped to be forced into slavery. It's where this tale gets a darker twist. And I just loved it!

I was hooked instantly by this story. The writing, I mean, wow! It was amazing. So detailed and simply mesmerizing to read. I can say that this is one of the best books I've read writing-wise. I could simply not stop reading! So, it's not surprising at all that I finished this book in less than two days. So good!
I'm also very excited to check out some more of Devon Ashley's books. I have a feeling they'll also be brillant as Dust is.

I loved Rosalie. She's truly one of the best main characters I have read about. I had never read about pixies except for Tinker Bell. Rosalie is so damn brave, spunky, smart and absolutely not a quitter. We need more of this kind of female main characters ASAP!
I also loved Juniper and Willow, pretty much the two only pixies also trapped in the slavery with Rosalie that still could think straight. Juniper was so sweet, such a mother figure. I was pretty much crying when she died. It was so terribly sad. Willow on the other hand was more of a tough, don't get in my face kinda girl, but when Juniper died she and Rosalie got a little closer. I liked that.
I loved this entire fae world. I've always loved books like that but this one is absolutely, without a doubt high on my favorite list. There were some dark scenes, where I could almost feel Rosalie's torment, especially when they broke her wings over and over again. But it's dark YA books like these that I find amazing.

It took a little while before Jack came into the story. But once he did, I knew right away that I would love him. He's so darn cute. And so sweet to Rosalie, once he got over being stuck with her for punishment. Slowly but surely I saw their feelings for one another grow. It was so refreshing to read something like this for a change, where love slowly grows instead of the insta-love you read almost in every YA book nowadays. And did I mention it's forbidden love? Who can resist that!
The end was heartbreaking and so hard for me to read. I just wanted for Rosalie and Jack to stay together and be happy even though I knew it had to happen like this. Thank god there will be a second book! I, for one cannot wait to get my hands on it. I can only hope it'll be as mind blowing as this one.

Dust is a captivating fae tale with a dash of romance that will entertain any reader who is remotely interested in reading young adult fantasy, paranormal or just any books that's simply astonishing to read with its richly detailed writing.