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Road Rage . - Karina Kantas I won this ebook from Karina Kantas so thanks to her for this! I hadn't seen too much reviews of it yet but I do think it should be read and reviewed more.

Obviously I wasn't really hooked. That actually came only towards the end. It wasn't my kind of read but that doesn't mean this book was really bad or anything. Like I said at the end I got into it. But, still, it isn't my all-time favorite book.

I liked Gemma (the main character of this book). She's such a strong woman with everything she went through in the past and all the crap that was happening to her through this book. Any other person would've crumbled a long time ago but she kept going. I love that she got a good ending eventually. I would've hated it if she hadn't.
There were many interesting characters. I must say that I disliked Shep from the start so I feel really glad I was right about him...
I did really like Doc, so there I was also right. He's the only one who was nice to Gemma in the beginning so I just felt that they had to be together.
I also liked Dawn. She was a good friend to Gemma. And one character I loved too was Tazz, even though he was in it for a really short time. So sad. Oh and I actually loved Blade for some reason even though he made a wrong decision with the things he was dealing with. Anywaaay...
The writing was good, not the best I have ever read but it flowed and didn't have too much mistakes. So I would like to read some more of Karina sometime.

It's hard to say what I didn't like about it. Maybe biker stories aren't just for me. And sometimes, even though I really liked Gemma, I wanted to slap her. Especially when she was dealing with Shep. She shouldn't have let him treat her the way he did for so long. But oh well everything turned alright in the end.

All in all Road Rage was an intense, fast-paced and sexy story full of action and bikes. But overall it just wasn't my thing although it was a really well-written story with a great ending!