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Sacrifice - A Fall For Me Prequel (The Tate Chronicles, #0.5) - K.A. Last Sacrifice is the prequel before Fall For Me where we meet Grace and Seth back when they were still in heaven. We get to see the events leading to Seth's fall from grace.

I obviously liked this prequel better than the full book. I know now that it's pretty much because we got Seth's point of view for the most time. I love him. He's my favorite character. I could feel how much he struggled with his decision to leave heaven and leave Grace. Personally I think it was all a little bit too selfish of him but I like him better as a dark angel anyway.
I still wasn't too big a fan of Grace, though she didn't annoy nearly as much as she did for the most part in Fall For Me.

I loved seeing how they went on a mission, as they almost always did together. They feel each other so well and are really in sync with one another. When Seth fell, I could really feel how heartbroken Grace was and it's weird how she didn't know about his feelings until centuries later in Fall For Me but oh well.

In my review of Fall For Me I mentioned how in my opinion the book was weak and poorly written but in this prequel I thought it wasn't nearly as bad actually. Again I think it was because of Seth. Great characters can make a difference.
Though I only really liked that first part before Grace accepted her mission to become a protection angel for the Tate family. The parts after I was a little unsure over because again the vampires weirded me out.

I also must say that we meet Michael and I absolutely loved him. I found him hilarious in the way he always shows up in a burst of clouds. This might not make any sense but you have to read it to know about it. I loved how he helped Seth and I wished he was in Fall For Me. That would've made everything so much better I think.

Overall this was a likable prequel. Much better than Fall For Me which does makes me a little more interested in the second book, if I ever going to read it. If only for Seth and Michael. 3 stars!