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Blink - Lloyd Poast Wow... just wow!
Blink by Lloyd Poast was really good. I didn't expect to like it this much. This book was a short but amazing story. I could imagine everything that was so vividly described. I absolutely loved reading every word of it. I actually couldn't get through the book fast enough and yet I didn't skim anything. I could totally see this becoming a full novel and even a series one day maybe. It all had a Alice in Wonderland feeling. I couldn't help but notice the similarity, which I think was awesome because I love the Alice in Wonderland story. As a matter of fact, if you like Alice in Wonderland-dreamlike-I'm on drugs and trippin-stories you should really check out Blink.

The story revolves about 17 year old Lance, who one day takes a short cut through some woods after a top hat caught his eye. And then the shit hits the fan. Right from the moment he walks into the woods everything seems to burst into a weird choas. With every blink of an eye there are dancing trees, strange creatures, people from all around the world who also have wandered into the woods and girls from his imagination. And of course also the goddess; Amaisia Moon (she's on the cover with the tophat and masque and everything!), who sort of rules the place. Lance has to find a way out of the magical woods before he's stuck there forever with no way home.

This story was so magnificent that I can't stop thinking about it. I keep seeing the story as a movie inside my head. I can clearly picture all the characters. Lance, Melissa, Shane from London, Amaisia and some others. Also the creatures and surroundings were amazingly described. It really is like a modern Alice in Wonderland story as I said before. One of the best short stories I've read so far. So that really does say something about how wonderful it was to read this. I just love how Lloyd Poast described everything in such a poetic and brilliant way. I would recommend this to everyone who likes anything in the fantasy genre and all the subgenres.