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Invasion (An Alien Romance) - A. Star,  Diantha Jones I've always been intrigued by alien stories. I love them! For example The Host by Stephenie Meyer is my all-time favorite book. Invasion was sort of similar to it. It had a lot of elements from it. Earth overtaken by alien lifeforms. Only the aliens in Invasion weren't as peaceful as the Souls from The Host. But I shouldn't really compare all of it because Invasion is whole different kind of book.

Invasion starts after the earth is invaded and taken over. It all happened in less than a day. As you probably know by now, I love stories about aliens where the earth is already taken over and not about the actual invading. I love seeing how humans react. Adam's reaction is what I would expect. He's disgusted by the aliens and definitely speaks his mind. Sometimes it's not in his best interest to do so but he's like that. Altough some of the things he so freely says startled me but I can't help like him for it anyway.
Yaqui, the alien woman the story revolves around is all alien. She doesn't understand the ways of humans until she meets Adam. I wasn't too fond about her, until she started becoming more and more human. What she did in the end was so noble. I'm sure in the beginning she wouldn't have done it. So I am in awe of her.

My favorite part was where Yaqui takes Adam to the surface of the earth (because they've been on a spaceship this entire time) and they meet other humans. It kind of ends tragically there but it was very exciting to read.
I also love the romance a lot. I never knew the author could write such hot stuff! More of this please! ^^

I liked this book. I really did but it wasn't the best I have ever read. I had a hard time in the beginning to remember all the words of what the aliens are called and how the females are called. It's kind of confusing. But once Adam came in it, things started getting better. It really was like The Host reversed. Kinda cool though!
The end was really, really sad but it was a perfect ending. And can I just say how totally adorable Charlie/ Chuck is! :D

Invasion by A. Star is an interesting story about aliens, humans and how love can transform someone entirely. Fast-paced, full of action and steamy romance, I'm looking forward to reading more adult books by this author.