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Transfigured - Ava Zavora "Some curses may be broken, but never completely destroyed..."

Writing a review of this is kind of hard for me because this short story has taken my breath away. I don't know where to start... It was beautiful in a dark, gritty kind of way and I'm so glad to have read it. I only wished this was a full lenght story because I can totally see how utterly wonderful that would be.

Transfigured is a fairytale retelling of the tale as old as time; Beauty and the Beast. Only this is not your typical retelling. It also takes us to what happened after the Beast was changed back into a prince where Beauty realizes happily ever afters aren't always what they seem.

I have been utterly wowed by Ava Zavora's writing. It was exquisite, enticing even! In short: I fell for this stunning story hook, line and sinker!