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Fall For Me (The Tate Chronicles, #1)

Fall For Me (The Tate Chronicles, #1) - K.A. Last I don't know what came over me when I decided to sign up for this blog tour and review Fall For Me. I guess I wanted to try another book about angels to see if I would like it since I am well known to dislike a lot of angel books. The description sounded good and I love the cover but that's also everything I liked about this book unfortunately.

Once again, I hate to rate books so low because I know how much work authors have put into it but I can't help that I really disliked Fall For Me. I was so frustrated by the whole book and just wanted it to be over. That's never a good sign. The things that frustrated me with this book the most were some of the characters, the writing and the overall story. So, yeah, a lot.

I really disliked the characters in who's point of view the story was written. So, Grace and Josh. They were just so hard to read about. I couldn't relate to them at all. I disliked Josh the most because it took him like five seconds to move on from dumping his girlfriend which who he had been with for three years to go falling for Grace. That was the start of my dislike for him and believe me the list goes on and on with him. Secondly, Grace, at first I liked her because she could kick ass but overall she was just to naive and she kept jumping from Josh to Seth every page or so. That's the last thing I want. This whole love triangle was just horrible. Luckily the rest of the characters weren't too horrible to read about but maybe that was because it wasn't written in their point of view? Who knows.

The writing was really weak to me. I couldn't like it at all. I really wish I did but it was just too poorly written for me to like. The dialogue also was very dull. I couldn't help being bored at times. The scenes were too rushed. When one thing happened in the next they had moved on to another scene. No. Just no.

I also disliked the story in its whole. Angels and vampires thrown together? I don't know. Feels weird to me and I didn't like the whole concept of it anyway.

The only good things that were there were some of the other characters like Seth, Charlotte, Archer Ryan and Emma. Seth was my favorite but I have a thing for the bad boys and he's a fallen angel so it's no wonder I liked him. Yes, Seth was all right. And sexy. Very sexy. As for the others. I would've liked to see chapter in their points of view rather than Grace and Josh. Especially Charlotte and Archer. She was by far the most interesting (after Seth) to read about. And I loved her with Archer. I want to know Charlotte's backstory for sure. Ryan and Emma. I loved that they got together. Ryan is hilarious and actually reminds me of someone. But anyway it wasn't meant to be I guess. Something unexpected happened there which made me very sad but it was a good turn of events so I gotta give the author bonus points on that.

And what was up with these vampires? So lame. Sorry, but vampires are very dear to me and they have to be written well. I don't know anything about them. Why would angels battle the vampires? I just don't get it. *sigh*

Overall this book was disappointing to me although I had expected not to like it. I feel that sadly I would not recommend it to anyone due to the poor writing and colorless main characters and story that never captured my attention.