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Torn (Trylle Trilogy 2 Adult Edition)

Torn  - Amanda Hocking I was pretty excited to start this book because I really loved Switched, the first book in the trilogy. I thought I'd feel the same way about Torn, but I didn't. Not in a bad way. I loved this book even more the the first one. I didn't think it was possible but there we are. I rated it 5/5 stars, when I rated Switched 4/5, so that speaks for itself. I loved how Wendy was a lot more mature in this one than the previous book. She seems to finally accept her role as princess. The thing I loved most about the book is the other characters, unlike the first book it doesn't really focus only about Wendy and Finn. It seems to revolve also more about the other characters. I love how Matt was a lot more in this book. Also Tove and the new character Loki, who I just love. Goodbye Finn, hello Loki ^^ Anyway... This was a really good sequel to Switched. I really love Amanda Hocking's writing and I can't wait to get my hands on the final book.