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Nevermore  - Kelly Creagh Nevermore got recommended to me by Jenn.
At first I was a little bit reluctant to read this book because it's 543 pages. But I ended up reading it in 4 days.
So, yes, it was exquisite! At first it felt a little slow to me but as I got more into the story is started speeding up a lot, especially the last part is amazing.
This story is unlike anything I've ever read. I love that the book is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's work.
The characters were very interesting too. At first I wasn't so sure about Isobel because she's a blond cheerleader but then again that doesn't tell you anything. *flashback to Buffy the Vampire Slayer*. Isobel turned out to be kind of kickass. And she makes such a cute couple with Varen Nethers! Varen *sigh* He was probably my favorite character, or one of them at least. He's not your typical book boyfriend and that's what I loved about him. Another character I loved was Gwen. She was just the cutest thing and hilarious! I also like the character of Reynolds.
I really liked the gothic aspects in the book. Everything together it made the book very unique and just freakin awesome. I'll be counting the days until the next book comes out!