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Few Are Angels

Few Are Angels - Inger Iversen Ever since I did an interview with the author last March I've been SO excited to read this book. So when she send the ebook to me, I was thrilled. Few Are Angels by Inger Iversen is one of the best books I've read lately. I loved every page of it. The book caught my attention right from the prologue all the way till the epilogue. It was that good. Beautifully written, with interesting dialogue and equally interesting characters. Iversen created an impressive world in her book that I would love to know more about. I felt myself not being able to stop thinking about Few Are Angels after I finished it.. Even now two days after my mind keeps returning to the story.

The story is about nineteen-year-old Ella Monroe, who after the death of her parents starts hearing a voice in her head and starts having visions she doesn't understand. Everyone thinks the loss of her parents is to blame. But we learn the visions as well as the voice are very real. When she meets the dark and mysterious Kale her world is thrown upside down. Through Kale she finds out what exactly the visions are and who she is and how the Dark Prince, Laurent is after her and her powers to use for evil. Enter Jace, an immortal who wants to bring Ella to the council to protect her and a best friend who develops feelings for her and wants to know what Ella is hiding exactly.Throw in some memories of a past life and you got an amazing story full of mystery, danger, new friendships and romance.

Few Are Angels was really well written and I could clearly picture all the characters and their surroundings which I think is really important in a novel. I loved reading about Ella. I could relate to her and wonder with her about what was going in her world. Lately in lots of YA genres the main character can be quite whiny and annoying. Thankfully, Ella isn't one of them. She just wants to live a normal life without the visions and the voice in her head. She's cares for the Carltons, the people who she lives with now. And she tried her best not to hurt them with everything that's going on. One of the side characters I really liked was Sarah. She and her husband Eric used to be best friends with Ella's parents. So when they died, of course they took Ella in, which I thought was really nice of them. They have two other children. The younger Lea and Alex, who is Ella's best friend, but he's away at college in the first part of the story untill he comes home for Thanksgiving. Alex. I really really liked him. He just sounded so cute and very protecting over Ella. Of course you can guess how he develops feelings for her, which she doesn't know about. Typical best friend, unrequited love. I can't wait to see where that'll go in the next book. And then we have Kale. Mysterious and dark Kale Grey, who seems to have a lot of secrets. I fell in love with him from the start. How could I not? He's amazing. He keeps fightng his feeling for Ella but we all know he can't. They are meant to be together. Him, being a vampire also gives him that dangerous edge we see a few times in the story. I also was quite interested in Jace Vesco. He's incredibly sexy in my mind. He's kind of more a side character but I feel there's so much more to him. The way Jace and Kale can't stand each other is sort of funny. And I loved how Jace and Mia kept flirting. I liked Mia too. She seems vain and not nice at first but I bet that also more to her inside. The book also had a few POV's with Laurent. I loved them. To read what he is thinking and doing to get closer to Ella. There wasn't as much about him in the book of course but I have a feeling that might change in the second one.
The end I had seen coming from miles away. I do't know why I knew it would end like that but I don't really minded the predictability. I was freaking out too much for that. This is one of the reason I couldn't stop thinking about it. I keep wondering what's going to happen now, with not only Ella but all the characters. Alex, Mia, Jace, Kale...

The romance between Ella and Kale seemed a little bit rushed in the beginning, because after maybe two days Ella had serious feelings for the guy, but thinking about how they share a past it kind of fits for them. The romance wasn't overdone in anyway and I loved seeing them together.

I can' t say anything negative about this book because it was so good, other than that it ended to soon. It made me want more. All in all the book was wonderful. It's really impressive how the it's a self-published book. I enjoyed reading it so much even that I went back to reread a few scenes. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves books about vampires, immortals and people who just love paranormal books with a good romance.