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Mind Over Monsters (A F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad Investigation)

Mind Over Monsters - Jennifer Harlow The author, Jennifer Harlow, contacted me to review this book. First of all, a huuuuuge thanks to her for that. If she hadn't I probably wouldn't have read this amazing book any time soon. I almost didn't accept the review request even, but the synopsis drew me in. And also because she sent me the print book had a lot to do with it because I usually only get ebooks because I love in Belgium.

At first I wasn't sure I would like it, but after reading the guest post she send me, where she interviews the main character, Beatrice, I knew I would be hooked. The interview was really funny and cute too. Oliver *wink wink*
The thing that really hooked me about this book was how there's this team of monster hunters, who are people with paranormal abilities themselves, even a vampire and a werewolf! So of course I started reading it right away once I received it and it sure didn't disappoint!

One of my favorite aspects in the book was the action. Lately I'm all about action in the books I read, without it I feel like it's getting boring. But luckily, Mind Over Monsters had lots of it.
I have to say at first I couldn't really get into the characte of Bea, but that was maybe just some weirdness on my part because later I really liked her. She's funny. We really do have the same humor and she's also really brave. I wouldn't dare do half the things she did!
There wasn't really that much romance and even though I love my portion of romance in a book, I wouldn't have wanted it otherwise. There was some flirting, some eye contact that makes you see fireworks but no kissing, yet, which was fine by me. But it's obvious that there is or will be a love triangle. The werewolf and the vampire. Will and Oliver. Personally I love Oliver the most. I love the way he calls Bea "Trixie" but Will sure is something too.
Another thing that was just perfectly written were the zombies. I could practically smell them!
I also loved guessing about who the bad guy was and I had a lot of theories myself, of course they were all wrong but still it was fun!
The end was so good! Just when I thought everything was over, BAM! something happens again. That was probably one of the major espects of me giving Mind Over Monsters 5 stars. I just love unexpected twists and turns.

The only slightly negative thing that bothered me was the way Bea curses. Like, "Oh, fudge." Maybe that's just part of Bea's character but I'm afraid it's just not my cup of tea. Other than that I really did like her though.

All in all Mind Over Monster was a fantastic read. Funny, cute, witty, action filled and well written. I am definitely looking forward to reading To Catch A Vampire, the second book in the series, which will be available on september 8th 2012.