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The Selection. by Kiera Cass

The Selection  - Kiera Cass Ever since I saw this book appear on Goodreads I've wanted to read it. The cover is gorgeous and the synopsis sounded awesome too. I found the book in an all-english bookstore I go to a few times a year in Brussels so I had to buy it when I saw it. I was a little reluctant at first because I've heard so many mixed review but I am so so so so happy I decided to read it. I truly enjoyed it!

The Selection by Kiera Cass is basically a reality TV show like The Bachelor put into a dystopian story. Prince Maxon has to find a wife and that's where The Selection comes in. When America Singer (Guess what? She does really sing!) signs up for it reluctantly because of her mother and secret boyfriend, she didn't expect to be picked as one of the 35 girls who are also in the contest. But of course she got picked. When she meets Maxon she starts to doubt about what she really wants.

I loved The Selection right from the start. The main character America was funny, caring, loving, truthful, kind and so fun to read! Basically she's just awesome. Which really surprised me. I've come across a lot of books where the main characters is annoying, naive or just a brat. America is everything but, which is a nice change. The writing was really right up my alley. Fast paced, witty, beautiful even.

So yes, you can say America was my favorite character. I loved Aspen right from the start. He would to everything for America clearly (since he made her sign up for The Selection), he's a hard worker too, very passionate and cute. (with green eyes! I looove green eyes!) I could clearly see how much he loves America. Well... until he did what he did to America. (trying not too spoil thing too much...) Then I didn't like him so much anymore. He doesn't deserve her! Now prince Maxon is a totally different story. I (just like America) didn't expect to like him so much! And now after reading the whole book I just adore him. He's so cute but he also cares for his country and wants to help his people. And he really wants to find his soul mate. He kind of awkward at times with all the girls, not knowing what to do. But that's what makes him so cute. I love the way he and America met and how they have their little secret signal. So I'm rooting for those two! Other characters I loved were America's family. Her little sister, May, and little brother, Gerad were really cute. May's enthousiasm sure is contagious. I can't believe what America's older brother did though. Jerk.
I loved this dystopian world. It reminded me a little of The Hunger Games world, only less drastic I guess. There are casts. You have the Ones (who are the royalty like prince Maxon), then Two, Three all the way down to the Eights. America is a Five.
One of the things I loved but were kind of predictable were the rebels. TGotta have rebels in dystopian novels huh? They're deviced in two groups. North, who are less dangerous and South, who are willing to kill to get at the royal family. I want to know more about them. What they both want and if they will ever get it.
One of my favorite aspects were the interactions between the girls in The Selection with each other. Even though they are all basically competing with each other for Maxon's love they seem to be growing close. But then again there's the ones who are plain bitches who'll do anything to get Maxon. Let's just hope he sees through them (her).
Luckily nothing too drastic happened in The Selection except a few *gasp* moments so it leaved open a lot for the sequel "The Elite".

The romance in this book was so sweet. Both with Aspen and Maxon. With Aspen it was familiar and lots of kissing in secret. With Maxon is was more sweet and tentative which was just too adorable!
The end wasn't a cliffhanger thank goodness! Even though you do wonder what will happen next and how will Maxon choose and even who America will choose. Wha will happen with the rebels and will Gerad find his own thing to do? (You'll know what I'm talking about when you read The Selection!) All in all the story was amazing and it flowed nice and easy to the end. I can't express enough how much I enjoyed this book. I had a hard time stopping reading for even a few hours.
It's been a while since I read a dystopian novel and now I know why I love the genre so much. My love has been reawakened!