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Sweet Evil

Sweet Evil - Wendy Higgins I won Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins a while ago, which made me really happy. I think it was one of the first giveaways I ever won. I fell in love with the cover and also got an awesome looking bookmark with it. It did take me a while to finally read it but I did and finished it in a couple of days.

I liked Kaidan Rowe right from the beginning. Because, well, he's a drummer. I love drummers! And also he has that whole sexy, tortured guy thing going on that I love. Plus he's british! *drool drool drool* At first he was the reason I kept on reading this book because I had a lot of trouble to keep reading at the beginning.

The world of angels and demons in this book is absolutely one of the more original ones I've come across and I loved that. With the whole nephilim who have to work the sins. That was probably my favorite thing together with Kai (Who's the son of the duke of Lust, of course).
I didn't always liked Anna's relationship with Kai, but most of the time I did. I do hope they can be together eventually. Anna's character was hard for me to like at first because she's so "good". But I came to like her when she got more sure of herself, around at the end part.

First of all I wanted to say that even though I only gave it 2 stars, Sweet Evil was not a bad book. I felt like I wanted to give it 2.5 stars but I don't work with halves so I had to give it two. Obviously I didn't fully enjoy it due to some factors I couldn't look past. And I do have to say that I am very very critical when it comes to angel books. I have no idea what it is about them but I am... It was an okay book to me, sadly enough. I really wish I enjoyed it more because it has a lot of good reviews from other. Guess I just wasn't feeling the love. It happens.
I had problems with the writing and all the little things that happened. Some of it just didn't make sense to me. Sometimes I liked Anna, sometimes I just wanted her to go away. Also some of the other characters bothered me a lot, like Anna's adoptive mother, Patti. I'm sure she's a great mom, but she let her sixteen year old daughter go alone on a roadtrip with Kaidan. I mean, come on, what was she thinking? Also I had mixed feelings with Anna's father, who's a demon. At times I liked him, at other times I felt... I don't know... maybe that he's hiding something or their was something off about him or maybe it was just the way he was written and the way he talked. *sigh* I also didn't get why Anna liked him so fast and accepted him. She called him dad so soon... I don't get it. I really don't. The characters I really liked were the other nephilim kids; Kopano, Ginger and Marna and Blake. They seemed cool to me. So coming at the end I was mostly reading to know more about them and also Kai. Always Kai. :)

So really the thing that bothered me was the writing, the parts that didn't make sense to me, like it didn't fit in with the story? I could've been much better. But I do have to say again that the world was original and I hope to read more about it. The romance between Kai and Anna was very nice. It got a little steamy on the roadtrip (well how far it can get steamy in a YA book...) They were obviously very attracted to each other even though a relationship wouldn't work and I know Anna saw it eventually. Well, after she got all clingy, that is...
Anyway... if you want to read something new and different this is the book for you. I just hope you'll enjoy it more than I have.