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The Iron Queen (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa First of all I'd like to say that The Iron Queen wasn't entirely bad. There were definitely some awesome moments but they didn't overshadow all that I disliked.
I think my issues with it are more with Meghan and Ash than everything else. I'm just not feeling her as the heroine. I know from myself, that I'm really tough on my heroines in books and Meghan just didn't do it for me. I just find her annoying.
I used to love Ash. I really did. But in this book I didn't like him at all and even wished for him to go away. Meghan and Ash might be meant to be but I found myself skimming, something I usually never do, over the parts of them together. It was rather boring.
Normally I love action in a book. But all the battle and action scenes in The Iron Qeen were making me frustrated. I didn't like them at all and just wanted them to be over.
I'm not trying to discourage anyone from reading this book but it's just how I feel.
I hated the end. I really did. I hated that Ash was gone and Meghan hadn't seen him again and I hated that Meghan had to say goodbye to her family. That part was really sad.

Now, luckily there were some good parts in it too like every scene where Puck was in! I love Puck so much. Actually every since I recently read William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream I've loved him. I used to be team Ash but I'm now totally on Puck's side. I love that redhead. I like that he's going with Ash to wherever they're going and I sincerely I hope that I'll like The Iron Knight better. I'm definitely gonna read it.
I also loved the scenes with Grimalkin. I love that cat! It was also terribly sad when he said goodbye to Meghan.

So except for Puck and Grim this book was just okay for me. I hate that I felt like this because I do think Julie Kagawa is an amazing writer and I did love The Iron King, the first book in this series. So I wouldn't discourage anyone for reading this book and series. There's still some pretty amazing characters in this book and the fae world is wonderful and magical to me.