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Solar, Defeated: Mythos: Stories from Olympus, Book One (Volume 1)

Solar, Defeated - Diantha Jones Before she changed my life forever, there was just me, Solar. Alone. Tortured. Defeated.

Wow. Just wow!
A novella about Strafford Law.
Be still, my beating fangirl heart!

I didn't expect to get this book for review this soon so I was more than excited to start it. Now that I have finished it, I'm kind of sad because I already miss Strafford and this world, if that makes sense.

A tiny warning; if you haven't read the Oracle of Delphi books yet you probably should read them first.

Solar, Defeated follows (as you can probably guess) Strafford before Prophecy of the Most Beautiful, before Strafford meets Chloe. It even follows him in some sort of flashbacks to where he was younger. Starting from the age of eight and going up until eighteen.

How I loved reading about his younger years! I couldn't help but find it super adorable. But not only that, I just loved finding out more about him, what he was like when he was a kid and teenager. I also loved reading more about his father, Apollo, and how he influenced Strafford when he was younger and how Strafford looked up to him. And other than that I just always really love reading about Apollo.

Other things I loved were reading more about Strafford's sublings. Of course there was Ace. Always awesome to read about him. I already loved Ace from PoMB and PoSS, but not as much as Strafford, whom I adore. But I simply adored Ace (Don't worry, Jenn, I won't steal him from you! ^^), when he described to Strafford what he feels when he's playing the drums. It was definitely one of my favorite scenes in this book.
And then there also were Strafford's sisters, Felicity and Teagan. But I mostly enjoyed reading more about Strafford's twin sister Isolde. I loved the way she and Strafford were together, especially as kids. And if it's possible I have even more questions about her. Just some little things about her through the flashback thingies got me wondering...

The writing was perfection as usual and I always enjoy reading Diantha's fighting scenes, as they keep my attention every single time. They were very colorful and exciting to watch, as was every scene. Yes, I say watch because it reels feels like a movie playinjg inside my head, fast-paced and full of action.
And as always I loved the mythology aspects. I want more! Now!

Solar, Defeated left me even hungrier than ever for this series. Strafford Law is an amazing hero, who stole my heart once more. It will more than satisfy Dianta Jones's fans of her Oracle of Delphi Series. Anyone who has read the first two books just HAS to read this also. And if you haven't read the books yet, just go read them. Just do it.