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With This Kiss: Part Two

With This Kiss: Part Two - Eloisa James I read the first part exactly two weeks ago but didn't quite love it. It was a likable read but nothing special and I started part two only because I was sitting on the train with nothing else to do. And now I am smacking myself on the head for this. With This Kiss: Part Two was way better than I thought. Way, way, way better! And oh my god that ending...

In this part Grace is by now engaged to John because she believes Colin doesn't love her. Until he returns, Grace knows she has to break off her engagement because it isn't fair to John when she has such strong feelings for Colin.
Colin has returned from the war but not without injury, outside and in. He wants to win Grace's love but feels like a broken man. In the meantime Grace has decided to seduce Colin, wether or not she knows if he could ever return her feelings...

Grace is a interesting character. Not like anyone I have ever read about. I don't blame her for accepting John's proposal. He's a good man from the little things I saw from him. I actually quite liked him. But when Colin returns she breaks of the engagement because she doesn't want to lie about her feelings. I love her for doing so. Especially when she just decides to try and seduce Colin. She's such a kind person with a big heart, I hope in the end she gets what she wants. The only negative thing I can say about Grace is that I just wanna slap her when she doesn't believe that Colin loves her, even when he says so. Wake up, girl!
In the first part I didn't really like Colin, but it seems like I've turned the other way with this book because I really do like him now. I felt sad for him when he returned home injured. I was rather shocked about it. I only wished he hadn't acted so cool to Grace in the start but oh well... that changed. Also for most in this story Colin remained in a state of laudanum haze with some pretty steam scenes as result of it. Didn't see that coming at all!

I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE Eloisa James' writing. Historical fiction seems tough the write in my eyes. And she just does it so beautifully. I definitely am going to look for more of her books to read. Especially the ones going before this three With This Kiss books.

In Part One there wasn't much romance. It was more showing how Grace fell in love with Colin but that was it. Now this novella had some steamy scenes. I took me by surprise because I figured it would be clean as the first one. But oh I loved it! That carriage scene was damn hot! Another reason why I love Eloisa's writing. More, please!

The ending was once again really sudden and unexpected. I was pretty much shouting out loud from frustration. How could it end there? And what is going to happen in the final part? I better go find out now...

Overall, With This Kiss: Part Two is a perfect sequel to the first one. The characters, the setting, the romance; it was all perfect from page one to the end. Eloisa James knows how to write damn good historical romance. I loved every minute of reading it, so she definitely gained a new fan with me.