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Elixir: A Covenant Novella

Elixir: A Covenant Novella - Jennifer Armentrout Aiden St. Delphi <3<br/>
Aiden and Alex are meant to be. I know it for sure now. Elixir starts out pretty much where Deity ended. I finished Deity earlier in the day and I just died, like I'm sure everyone did when they read it. So glad I read Elixir because it tells us what happened. I couldn't have waited to read it. Now the hurt isn't so much there anymore. Phew!

So Elixir is in Aiden's point of view. Yay! Oh and I loved it so much. I was perfection at its best. Kudos for Jennifer L. Armentrout. It way WAY better than Daimon, the other prequel. More of these, please!
I did not expect to be turned into an Aiden fangirl this fast. Seriously took me by surprise if you know how I felt with everything that happened in Deity. I feel like I can breathe again.
Let me just say, Aiden is hot. This whole novel was about Aiden trying to protect Alex. He does something that he never dreamed of doing to Alex but he has no choice.
Of course the gang was all there. Markus, Deacon, Luke, Lea, Apollo and guess who made an appearance? I'm not going to tell who because I don't want to spoil it but it is a god. Well, actually three gods/goddesses we haven't seen before. I can't express enough how I love that.

Elixir is definitely a MUST for everyone who loves the Covenant series. Don't hesitate. This novella was equally good as Deity was so just read it!