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Blood and Snow (#1 Blood and Snow series)

Blood and Snow - RaShelle Workman I got this book as a freebie from Amazon a while ago but never got to reading it until now and I'm happy I finally did because I wasn't sure I would like it because short stories like these usually aren't too great and lately the ones I have read just plain suck but this one wasn't too bad. I actually liked it. Yes, there are some flaws but overall it was very likable. I love fairytale retellings and mixing it all up with vampires is awesome. Actually this story reminded me a little bit of Snow White vs. Rose Red because it's also young adult and there's a high school involved. But I like them both equally.
I think it's funny how Snow White is actually named Snow White. Snow being her first name and White being her last name. The other characters were also very likable like the seven dwarves who are like foster brothers adopted by "professor Pops". I like the way they're around each other and how they're Snow White's best friends... and maybe more ;) I especially like Gabe. With him in the picture prince Charming fades into nothing!
So, of course I want to read the second book too and hopefully I'll be able to soon. Can't wait!