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Black City (Black City Chronicles)

Black City - Elizabeth  Richards I won this awesome advance uncorrected galley in a giveaway with some other books. Black City was the one I was truly excited for. The summary sounded really promising and of course the cover is amazing. It even got a spot in one of my Cover Crazy memes.
When I started this book I saw it was writting in 2 POV's: Ash and Natalie's. I do like it when books are writting in different POV's because this way we can see the different views of the characters. I enjoyed Ash's more than Natalie's for some reason. I don't really know why. I guess it's because I found Ash more interesting. But that doesn't mean I dislike Natalie's character or anything. She's actually one of the more interesting characters I've come across in books lately. I could actually connect and relate to her. As I could with Ash.
The story had a dark atmosphere around it, as many dystopian like books have, which I truly love. I really liked the idea of the city being seperated by a wall that devides humand and Darklings. At first Ash seemed to me a little like a bad boy, but he's actually really sweet and cute. Yes, I've found a new book boyfriend ^_^. I loved how there was right something from the start between him and Natalie, even though they argued a lot. When they finally admitted their love to each other, it was really sweet. I found myself sighing and going 'awww' a lot while reading the book. The why and how of their connecting was really a shock to me. I don't want to go into it more because I don't wanna spoil anything but let me tell you there were a lot of twists and turns. I love that in a book! There were also lot of characters in this book. I found them all really interesting and I loved reading about them. I can't wait for some of them to return in the next book. There was so much passion, action and events I didn't expect. I just loved it!
When the end of the book approached I was in real tears. I was so afraid for one character... But it turned out well. Sort of. So yeah, I head some heart stopping moments.
The last sentence in the book was also just brilliant in my eyes.
The war's only just begun. How does that not want to make you read the next book?
5/5 stars definitely earned!!
Black City is definitely one of my favorite reads of 2012 now and I highly recommend it!