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The Orange Trees of Versailles

The Orange Trees of Versailles - Annie Pietri, Catherine Temerson Years ago, like when I was about 11 I think, I read this book but in my own language. Now years later, I bought the english version ebook on Amazon and it was even more amazing than I remembered. Reading this book was like a hello to my childhood. So nice!

The Orange Trees of Versailles is the story about Marion who goes into the service of the Marquise de Montespan. When the marquise learns about Marion's gift to create and recognize amazing scents she lets Marion make perfum for her. Marion is overly glad and delighted because of this but when she learns that the marquise gives credit to others she feels utterly betrayed. On top of that Marion finds out about the marquise's plan to poison the queen. She must use her gift for smells to try and save the queen, but will she be in time?

How I loved this book! Ah... it was simply wonderful! The writing was lovely and fast paced. The chapter were rather short in my opnion, but I didn't mind that.
Marion was a great heroine. She was sweet, kind of naive, but very talented with her sense of smell. I'm so glad everything worked out for her in the end.
The other characters were great also. I loved Lucie and Martin. So cute! The marquise was awful but definitely an interesting character. I loved the history aspect in this book and how some events and characters that really happened and excisted were in it. My favorite aspect of historical fiction.

If you're going to read this book I strongly suggest that you read the information about the history and everything that comes after the story. It's very interesting to read. So don't skip it!