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Fever Moon (Graphic Novel)

Fever Moon: The Fear Dorcha - Karen Marie Moning, Al Rio, David Lawrence, Cliff Richards Oh, where to begin, where to begin... 

It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Karen Marie Moning and the Fever series. I fell in love with the books last fall when I was reading them, book after book. When they announced that there was going to be a graphic novel I was like... 


More Barrons?!


Hell yeah!!!

If you haven't read the Fever series I wouldn't recommend reading this graphic novel before you have read the books because it wouldn't make any sense to you. Fever Moon is a whole new story starring Mac and Barrons and not just the first book done over. The story I liked but it wasn't mind blowing or anything like I felt during reading the series. But the amazing art makes up for it. 


Fever Moon takes place somewhere in Shadowfever. An unseelie fae is making lots of victims, leaving them in coma sand stealing their faces. When Dani is one of the victims Mac knows she has to find it. Like... "It's personal now, bitch." Not that she said that but that was the feeling I had. lol. 

Like I said before with the story I didn't have a wow kinda feeling but you have to remember that it's a graphic novel and not a full book. The art was definitely on a higher level.

Pretty much all the characters from the Fever series were in it at some point. Dani, Rowena, Inspector Jayne, the other sidhe-seers, the fae. Even the Dreamy Eyed Guy. 

And of course Mac and Barrons.

I mostly loved the way the characters were done. Dani with her red hair and freckles was pretty much how I pictured her. Rowena I sort of pictured differently for some reason. I'm not sure if I'm the only one thinking that. The fae, seelie and unseelie were very nicely done. The seelie princes were all godlike and half naked, just like I imagine them. Unfortunately there wasn't much V'lane in it, who's a favorite character of mine. Instead there was a lot of that Velvet guy. Only 1 or 2 pictures I think. The unseelie ones were spot on, monstrously. Now about Barrons. At first I had to get really used about how he looked because really I wouldn't be able to imagine him. In my mind he changes everytime but now I like how he looks like. A lot. And about Mac. I like her look. It's sort of how I pictured her. Only her boobs look bigger than her head but I figure it's a thing with graphic novels so I'm letting that one slide.

The overal art just blew my mind. It's amazing! I wish I could draw like that. *sigh*

So even though I didn't like the story all that much the art and especially readng abou Mac and Barrons again definitely made up for it.