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Shatter Me (Shatter Me (Quality))

Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi Okay... to say I loved this book is in undestatement. I enjoyed this book so much that even now, a few days later it's stuck in my head! I thought the main character, Juliette is really interesting. She's a very complicated character, who has flaws like everyone. Only what she thinks is her worst flaw, could kill a person just through touching her bare skin. I loved how she grew throughout the book from someone who saw herself basically as a monster to someone who doesn't let people take adventage of her.
Here's a quote that I simply loved. It shows how much Juliette was growing. She says this to the slightly hot villain, Warner.

“You think that because I am unwanted, because I am neglected and-and discarded-" My voice inches higher with every word, the unrestrained emotions suddenly screaming through my lungs. "You think I don't have a heart? You think I don't feel? You think that because i can inflict pain, that i should? You're just like everyone else. You think I'm a monster just like everyone else. You don't understand me at all.”

The other characters in the book were also very interesting. The love interest is named Adam Kent and I loved him from the first moment on. I was a bit shocked that he turned out to be a soldier of Warner's. Even though I thought the love between Juliette and Adam seemed a bit rushed, they're now one of my favorite book couples out there. The villain in the book, Warner, I sort of liked also. He seemed to have a lot of issues with his father and won't ever talk about his mother, so that should be interesting in the next book. One of the more unexpected characters was Kenji. He was really funny and actually reminded me of someone from I story I made with a friend. He kept cracking me up!
The end was in my opinion rather unexpectant, so very good. Gotta love unexpected things, which happened A LOT in this book. Although the end felt a bit rushed there in the end, it was an amazing book with such great characters. I recommend it to everyone who loves the young adult, dystopian genre. There's even a little bit of paranormal elements in, so go check it out!
Also the book cover is beautiful! I love it!