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Perfect Lies

Perfect Lies - Kiersten White e-Arc provided from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

I have read the first book, Mind Games, pretty recently and really liked it. It was different, original, so I couldn't wait to start the sequel, Perfect Lies, to see what was going to happen next with all my favorite characters.

Perfect Lies was not a great book, oh no, it was a fantastic book! I was entertained right from the start and ended up liking it even more than Mind Games. A sequel of a book is either hit or miss and this book was absolutely a hit!

The story in Perfect Lies gripped me even more than with Mind Games. I guess the reason to that was that this time I wasn't confused with what was going on. I knew what is was about and could follow it without any doubts. It was all more dangerous and excited to read about for some reason.

A lot of the characters stood out way more now, while other characters I liked before moved down on my favorite list.
Fia is still amazing and kind of scary to read about. I love how she's still willing to do anything to protect her sister, even if it is destroying her inside.
I didn't particulary liked or hated Annie in Mind Games. It's not that she was annoying or anything, I just couldn't connect with her character and she was always so good and sometimes even boring. But now? Now I think she's pretty badass. She grows a lot during this book and even her blindness doesn't stop her from learning to defend herself and kicking some butt.
James on the other hand, I'm so frustrated with. I used to love him. He was my favorite male character and now he's way down on the list due to some events that happened in Perfect Lies. I came to dislike him quite a bit.
Some characters we met in the previous book we came to learn more about now like Sarah, Cole and Rafael... and boy do I love Cole! He is amazing. *swoons* I just know I want to read a whole lot more about him. Him and Annie together... Can I just say, adorable! But of course this book isn't all about love, naturally. It's more about the powers of the girls and the Keane foundation. The big boss, Mr. Keane is still an asshole, no surprise there. He's still doing awful things but now he has Fia joining him. Together with James she wants to try to take him down from the inside. Will it work or not? If you want to know, read the book!

Overall, Perfect Lies was even better than Mind Games. It has more of everything. More danger. More excitement. More romance. More death. It's a must-read for fans of this series, fans of Kiersten White or just anyone who loves a good psychological paranormal thriller! Just read it.