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Nearly Broken (Volume 1)

Nearly Broken - Devon Ashley The author, Devon Ashley, gave me this book for review month ago. Due to life getting in the way I didn't get to read this until now but I'm glad I finally did read it. Even though most people think three star ratings aren't so great, it doesn't mean this book was bad or anything. Let's just get that clear. It was a great book but not four or five star material. Now that we've got that out of the way...

I definitely liked where the story was going when it started. I really liked Megan and the mystery that surrounded her. It wasn't clear right away what really happened to her. The only thing we know was that according to her she did something awful and was on the run from someone. And then Nick came into the picture. I liked him too. Very much, actually. But what I didn't like when everything got revealed, I can't tell what exactly of course if I don't want to spoil things but I didn't like when all these things got revealed about Megan and who she really is and who Nick is all alone and how he handled it. That just put me off a little bit but other than that he was pretty great and sweet and so understanding.

I couldn't help compare this to another book that also involves human trafficking, although that book was even darker but I didn't like Nearly Broken as much for some reason. Anyway, I think some parts of the storyline just didn't feel right to me. It felt like the story was devided into these parts. The first part where Megan meets Nick, works with him and start their relationship, then the part starts where Megan finds out things and then the part where shit is hitting the fan. And I must admit I lost a little bit of my interest during the part where Megan found out who her family is. Just was a tad boring. But I liked the story overall well enough. I liked most of the characters and not only Megan and Nick, although Megan was definitely my favorite because she was so strong and sometimes snarky and she went through a lot. I really wanted her to be happy. And Nick too.

Overall not my favorite new adult book ever but Nearly Broken by Devon Ashley was a likably read with a bit of darkness that I love in some books. The characters were all great as was most of the story. I also had nothing to bad to say about the writing. I really liked it and Megan's voice. I only wish some things were handled a little different but aside from that I do want to read the next book and see what's going to happen next because the ending was really interesting. I'm sure it's going to have a twist in Nearly Mended.