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Breathless (Elemental)

Breathless - Brigid Kemmerer Copy received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

This series so far has been exciting and not so exciting for me. I loved Storm (Chris' story) and Elemental (Michael's novella) but I wasn't too thrilled about Spark (Gabriel's story). So when this book was accepted on NetGalley for me I was really curious to see what way this one would go. And wow! This was a great novella. I loved every single page of it and I just need more. I'm over the top thrilled for Nick's book coming in 2014. The wait is way too long!

Nick has always seem like the most stable of the Merrick brothers. He also was my least favorite brother but I'm really coming back from that. I love him now! Anyway, with this novella we see that Nick also struggled with a whole lot. His girlfriend Quinn, helping Michael with the family business, college and feelings he doesn't really want to admit to himself let alone everyone else. Yeah, Nick isn't the most stable one at all. Even he has a lot of problems.

This novella had both Nick and Quinn's point of view. Personally I don't particulary like Quinn. I was more interested in reading about Nick than Quinn's drama. Although she's really nice to Nick. And she's funny as hell. I loved Nick and Adam together, even if it was for a short period so far. They are so cute. I have a new favorite (potential) couple! *squeeeee*
I loved Nick's voice. His struggle with doing the right thing or following his own heart. It tears at me, really. I want him to be happy, that's how deeply I felt this story.

There really isn't anything negative to say at all, except that I wished this novella was longer and we didn't have to wait so long for Nick's book.

Breathless was an amazing novella that I enjoyed immensely. Any fan of The Elemental series or just of the Merrick brothers needs to read this. The series will feel so much more with what you know from these novellas. I love Brigid Kemmerer's writing. She really did an amazing job with this one and I want more!